Invitation to Prayer For the Trial and Clayton’s Case:

We ask for God’s warriors and intercessors to agree with us to ask for and call forth: 

  • Complete and lasting VICTORY for the innocent

  • JUSTICE (PS 89:14) in full measure for Jocelynn and her family

  • WISDOM, CLARITY, and MOTIVATION for the JUDGE to uphold Clayton’s rights

  • ATMOSPHERE of heaven in the court, court offices, and jury rooms

  • COURAGE and PEACE for Clayton, his family, and those testifying on his behalf

  • WISDOM (Jas 1:5), KNOWLEDGE, WORDS (Luk 12:12, Prov 16:1), and STRENGTH (Isa 28:6) for Clayton’s defenders and those testifying on his behalf

  • JURORS to be chosen who will accurately discern the truth and STAND for justice

  • DISCERNMENT of truth vs falsehoods for the jurors and the judge

  • CONFUSION to the enemy, and all evil plans and intentions

  • WHISTLEBLOWERS to come forward where needed

  • Isa 54:17 - No weapon formed against the innocent will succeed

  • Isa 54:17 - All false accusations will be proven / shown to be wrong

  • Isa 49:25 - The Lord will contend with those who contend with us

  • ANGELIC ASSISTANCE (PS 34:7) for the family and those fighting for us

  • TRUTH to be fully revealed, heard, and understood

  • That which is not truth or that introduces darkness and confusion to be SILENCED

  • For false witnesses, testimony, and untrue information to be SILENCED

  • For mischaracterizations of Clayton’s heart, mind, and character to be SILENCED

  • For mischaracterizations of any form to be SILENCED

  • For JOY and the dawning of a new day of FREEDOM for Clayton and his family

Justice for Jocelynn means keeping her father free.

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