New Trial February-March 2023! 

In February 2023, Clayton Allison and his family, friends, and supporters will finally get the opportunity to see his exoneration and experience true freedom after more than 14 years of suffering. This opportunity requires enduring another painful criminal trial, but freedom and the granting of true justice are worth that cost. Now we ask community members to stand with us in seeking #JusticeForJocelynn and demanding the State #FreeClaytonAllison, and all of those who love and support him, from false accusation. We ask that you pray with us, help us hold up our arms through the long battle, and speak out the truth for those who have not yet heard. We cannot possibly say enough thanks to all those who have stood steadfast beside us over so many years. If you are new to this story, we welcome you. Please check out Our Real Story's page for more information. 


A SHOUT OUT to those of you who are both by our side and far away who have supported us for MANY YEARS! Who have talked to people and reporters about Clay’s innocence, who have shown up and worn Clay’s colors, who wrote and visited him in prison, who have contributed so much to this site and to our awareness efforts. 



We humbly ask for the support of all who PRAY

Show your support on SOCIAL MEDIA

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  • Show online support by applying our TWIBBON to your profile image. 

  • Share relevant posts about our progress to your pages and feeds. 

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Help us gather, record, and share Information online throughout the process – newscasts, articles, editorials, and blogs. All helpful references and links can be shared via direct message to the Free Clayton Allison page on Facebook.  

Attend hearings and trial days in Clayton’s colors (green, lime green, zebra stripes), but be careful not to wear clothing with any words or language on it. After the trial begins, the court is planning to have full trial days Monday through Thursday, and Friday mornings only. 

NOTE: Supporters are needed because witnesses must wait until AFTER they have been released from subpoena to attend. 

Let us know if you want a ribbon to wear! (Send a Facebook/Instagram page direct message.) 

Wear Clayton’s T-Shirts and Colors out in the community. 

We feel humbled and thankful for all those who have volunteered to support the family directly during this difficult time. We need help with all those things in Daily Life that will keep rolling on despite the fact that we’re in the middle of the fight of our lives. If you are interested in offering your support, you may reach out to us through social media or directly.


Truthfully, it’s a little complicated. The judge has informed us that this trial will NOT be video broadcast. We’re not sure what local media will and will not elect to cover during the proceedings. However, we know how many of you desperately want to stay updated on everything as it happens. 

The best way to stay informed is to get connected to us on social media through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Due to the court process, we will be limited in what we can say. We will also be limited by how much time we can dedicate to updates during the trial when we would prefer to be spending time with Clayton himself, but we will do our best.

Communications and Social Media Volunteers are welcome to reach out to us directly or through social media. 

ATTENTION! If you are a witness in the case, you must avoid any and all information related to what is being testified in court on a daily basis until you are released from your subpoena. If you are out and about anywhere, and it even seems like someone may start talking about court testimony, LEAVE THE ROOM. We know how much of a painful emotional burden this is, and we are actively praying for strength in the hearts and minds of all those who love Clayton, Jocelynn, and our family so much. Lean on the Lord for your strength. 

Justice for Jocelynn means keeping her father free.

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