Stand Up

Many people reading the information disclosed on this website will inevitably ask, "How could something like this have happened?"

The answer is complicated, but in most areas boils down to a single word - accountability.

Our forensics, investigative, justice, and corrections systems function in ways that are rarely seen by individuals who are not ensnared within those systems themselves. Frequently, individuals acting within these systems are outright made immune to accountability through law or common practice. They are also rarely reviewed by, or required to report to, outside organizations for any forms of checks-and-balances to their behavior. Therefore, the organizational culture will inevitably shift over time into patterns of behavior that achieve results; often without reflection on the moral outcome of those actions or results.

The key to changing any of the factors in the Allison case, and any other case in Alaska or nationally, is to learn more about the issues and Stand Up within your communities to demand change. No one person can address all the issues and areas where reform is needed. Find the issue(s) that mean the most to you, learn more about them through these sections and your own additional research, and then Speak within your community and state.

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