Speak Out

Executive Branch

If you would like to contact Alaska's Office of the Governor or Office of the Lieutenant Governor, there are many ways to provide information. You may express your concerns by placing a personal call, sending a letter, or writing an email (Governor or Lieutenant Governor). This is the appropriate office to address issues like:

  • The Wrongful Conviction of Clayton Allison
  • The poorly conducted autopsy of Jocelynn Allison
  • Prosecutor Misconduct
  • Department of Corrections Policies and Abuse,
  • The use of the Reid Technique and Police Corruption
  • and more.

Another avenue to address abuse of power within the many branches of state government is to contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is more limited in their ability to investigate various complaints, due to statutory limitations; however, it never hurts for them to be informed of corruption.

Legislative Branch

The Alaska Legislature, in partnership with state departments and other organizations, are in the process of reviewing Alaska's judicial and corrections systems right now. If issues within these systems are of concern to you, or if you have experienced abuse within these systems yourself, they need to hear from you!

All of the issues within this website are affected in some way by legislation (or lack thereof), and the actions of our legislature. Find out who your Representative and Senator are, and contact them by:

  • Making a personal phone call,
  • Sending a letter or email, or
  • Requesting a private meeting.

Judicial Branch

Some of these issues may inspire you to contact the Alaska Court System. This process is more difficult, due to the numerous players involved within the system, and the lack of clear direction by any one authority. However, if you would like to discuss issues of critical importance that relate to the rulings of Alaska court judges you may wish to contact the Alaska Judicial Council.

Concerns related to prosecutor misconduct, or complaints against any attorney, may be communicated to the Alaska Bar Association; however, please be aware that filing a complaint against an attorney can limit your freedom of speech in Alaska and result in charges of contempt of court.

Congressional Delegation

Alaska's Congressional delegation are a critical piece of state policy. They do not implement change within Alaska itself; however, they can have input on similar issues at the national level. Many of these issues are not unique to Alaska, and need to be adressed across the country, including:

  • Shaken Baby Syndrome prosecution and current wrongful convictions,
  • Lack of autopsy standards and accountability of medical examiners;
  • Use of the Reid Technique by police departments;
  • Prosecutor and police misconduct, and
  • much more.

Please contact them with a phone call, letter, or email. Inform them of the importance of these issues at the national level, and the impact they have on your local communities. Injustice anywhere encourages injustice everywhere, and it may be too late by the time it impacts your own life or loved ones.

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