Letters to the Court for Clayton Allison

On July 15, 2015, Judge White sentenced Clayton Allison to 40 years in prison, with 10 years suspended, and a mandatory 15 years of probation upon release. The gross injustice of this ruling cannot adequately be described in words. The sentencing memorandum filed by the defense was well crafted. The memorandum filed by the prosecution was sloppy (note the entire argument is duplicated, making the document appear twice as long), filled with accusations that are not supported by the record (including an unsupported claim of ongoing abuse, and accusations against Clayton's family), and completely inaccurate information (like the absurd claim that Jocelynn's neck was 'broken'). Five members of the family presented victim impact statements at the initial sentencing hearing; emphasizing Clayton's excellent character and informing the Judge of misconduct by the prosecution. Later, Jocelynn's mother filed a letter with the court outlining the misconduct by prosecutors in much more detail. Yet the judge ignored this information, and did not even comment on it before sentencing Clayton to decades of time to serve.

When Clayton was initially taken into custody by the court, before sentencing, members of his family and community were encouraged to write letters of support. These letters expressed their concerns with the trial and its results, as well as their arguments for why Clayton should not spend time in prison. A few of the family and community members authorized release of their letters on this website, so that others could hear their concerns in addition to the courts

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