Hospital Staff

  • The treating pediatric intensive care (PICU) physician in the hospital who first reported suspected “abuse” refused to speak directly to the baby’s father, and would only respond to questions from the mother or female family members. When Jocelynn’s parents tried to inform this doctor of the baby’s medical history and their ongoing concerns for her health, the doctor blatantly instructed them to stop providing “irrelevant” information and refused to take or document a more complete patient history.
  • The PICU doctor did show Jocelynn’s parents that there appeared to be a prior bleed on the brain. The parents attempted to tell her of some occasions when Jocelynn had hit her head, especially a “goose egg” she had gotten 2 or 3 weeks prior when she had banged her head against a glider in the livingroom that she was trying to pull herself up on. The chair was too unsteady to help her balance and she fell, banging her head against it. Her mother also told the doctor that she had seen her daughter shudder once or twice in recent days: something she was going to mention to the pediatric neurologist soon at her next appointment.
  • Even though Jocelynn's parents were prevented from providing this information to the PICU doctor, they and other family members relayed details of these events to investigating officers and officials from the medical examiner's office both at the hospital and in the days to follow.
  • When the PICU doctor came and lead family members to a private room to give them news from the surgery, CJ asked the doctor to wait for Clayton to come back before she spoke. They had been waiting a while, and he had just gone to get CJ a soda from a vending machine. The doctor, however, brushed that request aside by mumbling something that caused CJ to think the news was not that significant. After they got into the room, the doctor announced that Jocelynn had died in surgery. Clayton found out about his daughter’s death by hearing his wife crying and screaming as he returned.
  • In addition to the family that was already present, a large group of friends also descended upon the hospital after news of Jocelynn’s accident spread by phone. These individuals also saw the immediate reaction from the family, and witnessed Jocelynn after her death. They have stood in support of Clayton and the family, and none have expressed witnessing anything to make them believe Clayton was guilty of any wrongdoing.

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