The Manhunt

The death of a child is one of the most grueling experiences any family could have to endure. Unfortunately, Clayton and Jocelynn's family would soon learn that their grief would be compounded and continued long into the future, despite their pleas for relief.

When Jocelynn passed away, Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) was something they had only heard about through their pediatrician's and doctor's offices. They would soon learn that a certain triad of symptoms (subdural hematoma, retinal hemmorages, and brain swelling) present at the time of death or admission to a hospital, would be an automatic assumption of guilt upon whomever was with the child at the time of collapse. In this case, that person happened to be Clayton Allison.

Instead of conducting an investigation, public officials set about gathering evidence that would point to the guilt of that person, and burying evidence that indicated otherwise. Instead of simply relaying information, the family found themselves battling a seemingly endless series of individuals determined to pressure them into specific beliefs about events.

  • Hospital staff refused to collect an accurate account of events and medical history, therefore contaminating all medical reviews and opinions that followed.
  • Jocelynn's family members were interrogated on and around major holidays, and in the case of her mother, tortured with autopsy photos in an effort to convince grieving individuals of Clayton's supposed guilt.
  • When police were ordered to stop conducting interrogations until a report was issued by the medical examiner, they proceeded to call him and request one. The medical examiner released a report deeming the case homicide the next day; ignoring the fact that lab results still had not returned, and he had not bothered to read either family interviews or any of Jocelynn's extensive medical records.
  • Clayton was interrogated with a technique known to lead to false confession, denied the right to a lawyer, and prompted into reporting back to family in a legally unprotected environment.
This section outlines these accounts of corruption in more detail. Unfortunately, the corruption only continued into trial proceedings and beyond it. The family is still actively fighting professionals who admit knowledge of wrongdoing in the case, but refuse to change their course of action.

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