Weekend Prior

Three days before Jocelynn’s death, an event unfolded that closely resembled what was to happen later. On the weekend before her death, Jocelynn’s maternal grandmother and one of her aunts took care of her overnight at her home while her parents were away. A family friend visited them while they were there and observed Jocelynn crawling and pulling herself up to standing. The friend was not there, however, during what follows:

Jocelynn’s teenage aunt, Melody, was taking a nap on the couch. While her grandmother watched, Jocelynn crawled over to the couch, pulled herself up to a stand, and while leaning against the couch started banging on Melody and tugging on her pillow to get her to wake up and play. Eventually Melody gave up trying to sleep, and played peek-a-boo and other things with her while Jocelynn walked back and forth along the couch, leaning on it heavily for support.

At some point, Melody jumped over the back of the couch and ran downstairs to get a camera. When she came back, she took pictures of Jocelynn standing while leaning against the couch. The family has these pictures.

Eventually Melody had to go to the bathroom. She got up from the couch, and went around the end, to the bathroom behind it and to the left. The stairs were about five feet to the right of this bathroom, behind the couch. Grandma watched from her chair as Jocelynn let go of the couch and dropped down to follow Melody. Just as Melody entered the bathroom, she realized Jocelynn was close behind her and had turned to head towards the stairs. She glanced over at the stairs and noticed the baby gate was open, went over and closed it, then picked up Jocelynn gently chiding, “No, no, no no”, and put her back in the middle of the living room.

No mention of this event was made when Jocelynn’s parents got home because it seemed small and inconsequential at the time. When they heard what had happened the day of her death, her grandmother and aunt immediately realized they had seen her do the same thing that happened that terrible day: follow her playmate when they left her to go to the bathroom.

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