Clayton's conviction has been overturned!

On July 26, 2019, the Alaska Court of Appeals REVERSED the wrongful conviction, finally acknowledging what family and friends have been saying for the 4.5 years that he has been imprisoned.

Now the State of Alaska has a choice. The Appeals Court noted that "the evidence presented at trial was almost exclusively that Allison was a loving father who was very involved in his special needs child’s care." The State can choose to forgo trying Clayton again with merely circumstantial evidence, or they can decide to drag Jocelynn's family and friends through the multi-year process of a retrial in an attempt to wrongfully convict and imprison Clayton Allison again.

The grieving need peace. We need this nightmare to be over for good. Please sign this petition, asking the State of Alaska to drop all charges against Clayton permanently, and to allow Jocelynn's family and friends to finally heal.

Sign the Petition

In February of 2015, Clayton Allison, an innocent young father, was falsely convicted of murder in the case of his daughter’s death, and in July he was sentenced to 40 years with 10 suspended and 15 years of mandatory probation after release. Jocelynn’s family and many of their friends are devastated and heartbroken. On the day of the verdict, it felt as though they were at ground zero when a nuclear bomb went off. It felt as though the court had killed Jocelynn again by committing such a huge injustice against the father she loved, and who still loves her, in her name. This did not happen through Clayton having “his day in court” or “a fair trial.” For reasons it is very hard for us to understand, many unethical things were done to ensure Clayton’s conviction. Many things that were not evident in court, but are easily seen in the records of the case. We ask you, for the sake of Jocelynn and the family that loved her, to read and consider what happened in this case. Chances are we are not alone in our suffering. Chances are many other grieving families are being attacked and injured in similar ways. Maybe you already know some of them yourself.


This website was created by the family and friends of Jocelynn Renee Allison and her father, Clayton Phillip Allison. We have begged Alaska for justice, and have been met with nothing but corruption, abuse, and injustice along our multi-year journey. We now ask that all of you who learn about Jocelynn and Clayton's stories take time to educate and protect yourself and your families against this kind of attack upon your own lives. What has been done, and is still actively being done, to the family in Jocelynn's name can happen to anyone with a child in their life - even if that child is not your own. Please, take the time to learn our story.

Fortunately, our family does not stand alone. We send thanks out to the friends and community members who also stand in support of Clayton, and cry out with us for true justice.

The family has documentation and evidence of all the corruption outlined in this website, and will be adding: official police transcripts and video; court recorded audio; legal documentation; home videos; and family/community member personal testimony over time. We will also attempt to gather and add information on current legal system practices and how they affect grieving families.

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